This site will give you confidence with money and make you happier. 

If you want to feel more confident about your personal finances, you’re in the right place.

If you feel anxious about your financial future, you’re also in the right place.

Whether we like it or not, money and happiness are linked. The more  you understand about what makes you tick, the closer you’ll come to reaching those dream goals of yours.

How does this site help?

Part psychology, part finance and 100% awesome, I translate academic research into actionable steps to make your life and finances better.

Most importantly, I want you to feel happy.

“Wha?” you say.

Unhappy people spend more. What’s more, money can’t buy happiness, unless you spend it on others. Since happiness is more important than money, well, I can’t not include that on this site.

Who am I?

Born in Asia, but raised in Canada, I’m in my late twenties dreading the big 3-0. I grew up having a keen interest in business and technology and began my first business as a freelance web designer. I don’t know how I convinced people to take me on, but I spent my summers earning ridiculous hourly rates for a 15 year old. I blew all the money I earned on mountain bikes (yes, they were really that expensive). I’d like to think I’m now smarter about my money.

Since my early entrepreneur days, I’ve held a variety of roles in technology, venture capital, management consulting and institutional research. Some of my more interesting jobs have included teaching programming at a local college to people twice my age, doing data analysis for a sports-betting site and helping to put together a launch party for a new Ferrari.

Through a fortunate turn of events, I find myself with a decently sized war chest, a supportive girlfriend and absolutely no desire to return to the corporate world ever again. I’ve retired! Sort of.

I now spend my days on PubMed and Jstor, reading books and coming up with brilliant (at least my dog thinks they are) and not-so-brilliant business ideas. When I’m not reading, writing or coding, I ponder the meaning of life while out on the water, in the gym or trying new restaurants.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have as much fun reading this site as I did making it.